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Be it a developed or developing nation, one thing that everyone has in common is that each is susceptible to fire and other natural disasters. Of which all cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year, not to mention the loss the life and devastating effect on our cherished homes. 


Whether your requirement is for general Class A extinguishers (solids, woods & plastic fires) which may be for general office use or Class D extinguishers (heavy metal fires such as magnesium and titanium) which may be in a manufacturing plant, we will be happy to supply you.  We have all classes of fire extinguishers available and in all different sizes, to suit the environment and fire class.


Of course, fire extinguishers will not put out a major outbreak and so our capacity to help does not stop there.  We are able to supply the experts and heroes that are your fire department with the tools for them to do their trade.  We will supply any fire truck you require, be it left hand drive or right hand drive…  Iveco chassis or Mercedes…  Solely to carry water or to carry water, foam AND dry powder.  Providing your request is feasibly possible, we will supply it.


We are also proud of our Life Detector system.  It uses seismic and acoustic sensors to detect minute sound vibrations generated by a victim’s movement or activity traveling through rubble and material. This system is a vital piece of kit to a search team during the aftermath of a disaster such as an earthquake where every second counts to locate survivors.


Whatever the scenario, Westwood International has the solution.