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Every society needs law and order and Westwood can supply the equipment for those who keep law and order to do so.  It is imperative that a nation’s police or law enforcement is more than adequately equipped to protect the citizens from harm.  This sector is a very broad one but that does not limit our scope. 


We can outfit your officers with whatever they require for the circumstance.  Be it general duty uniforms or be it riot gear, we will ensure your officers have just what they need.  Westwood International also has the capacity to supply the tools and equipment needed by law enforcement to carry out their duties.  From hand cuffs, tactical vests and crime investigation kits to UAVs.


We will supply various styles of personal protection.  From covert knife protection to overt ballistic protection.  Whether it is for the coast guard or a VIPs security team, we have the perfect protection to suit the situation.