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Even if what you require does not fall into one of the categories, still send us an enquiry and we would be glad to assist you.  We pride ourselves on supplying equipment which help and protect people.  For instance, we can supply portable and static water treatment plants which use reverse osmosis to clean dirty water on a molecular level and turn it into drinkable water. 



Another item we are very proud of is our long lasting insecticide treated nets (LLIN).  These may just be mosquito nets but because of the special way in which they are manufactured and treated, they will continue to ensure protection beyond 25 washes.  Coupled with the fact that they prevent malaria and other illness, these simple nets are wonderful. 



We do have many more special products available but simply too many to list and explain here.  Please do send us an enquiry and we will be more than happy to help you and hopefully create a new business relationship.